Holes Louis SacharHoles Louis Sachar

Holes Essay, Louis SacharIn the text ???Holes??™ by Louis Sachar, Camp green lake was a successful experience for Stanley in several reasons. One was because of how much he learnt during this time. For example, he gained confidence meaning that he learnt if you dont give up you can achieve a lot. He did not give up when he was walking to big thumb with Zero aka Hector, if he did not have enough confidence he would be dead. He didn??™t give up when he was digging his and Zeros hole. He had the confidence to try to escape camp green lake and find zero who is currently lost. Stanley??™s confidence also made him stronger. ???His muscles and hands werent the only parts of his body that had toughened over the past several weeks. His heart had hardened as well.??™ His self-confidence leads him to being able to teach Zero how to read. This proves that Stanley as gained a successful amount of confidence by being in Camp Green Lake Also Stanley??™s experience at Camp Green Lake made him lose weight, make friends .etc During the time at the camp, Stanley succeeded – without realizing – in losing weight because of the digging and sweating in extreme heat. As he continues to dig more holes he builds stamina and strength. With it, he is able to dig longer and faster without get much tired from usual. Also his body learns to cope with the extreme heat and water shortage. Stanley was able to gain a friend in the camp, which was ???Zero??™, the least popular kid in the camp. Although the cruelty of those around him initially causes Stanley to become hard and treat Zero with contempt, he eventually realizes that what he is doing and he and Zero form a strong friendship. ???Hector, Im glad you stole those shoes and threw em on my head??? This shows that Camp Green Lake made Stanley achieved what he always wanted. It was a good experience for Stanley because he now knows that the family??™s curse is removed and he gains ???financially??™ from Camp Green Lake closing down, Stanleys experience was successful because he was found not guilty for stealing the pair of shoes. And Clyde Livingston – Stanleys idol, found out the truth that Stanley was falsely accused. In addition Zero was also able to leave the Camp because they couldnt find the Zeros records – which had been destroyed by the Warden. Once Camp Green Lake was finished it was also successful because, in a way, Stanley was able to reform Squid – Alan. Squid asked Stanley to call a number and tell Squids mom that “Alan says he was sorry.??? He was also able to keep the suitcase that he found in a hole but sadly they weren??™t worth much. But when camp green lake was fully destroyed they received a amazing amount of cash that were given to Stanley and Zero. All of this shows that Stanley??™s experience at Camp Green Lake was successful.

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