DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY 1. The Following is the design process when Entrepreneurs develop innovations : 1. Idea
Identify a market oppurtunity 2. Resource
Organise People, Finance and facilities 3. Research
investigate the possibilites 4. Patent
Protect your intellectual properties 5. Design
Model and Test it for users 6. Develop
Improve the technology 7. Make
Produce lots of them 8. Sell
Advertise and inform people 9. Service
Communicate with your customers The Following is my design process that im using and how it from the Innovation Cycle : 1. My First step was Idea ??“ due to the fact that you need to have the idea to set up the rest of your plan and identifying who the target audiences will be.
3. Then I went on to see what I had available to me that I could use, how much things were going to cost etc. 4. Research : I began researching a lot of things to see what would be better to design my stadium with , who would be the consumer and how I could make my product the best . 5. Patent ??“ I felt I needed to protect my intellectual property being that there are a lot of stadiums I want mine to be unique.
6. Purchasing : Then I went on to purchase my equipment that I needed for the stadium so that way I could be ready to make it . 7. Develop : I went on to draw 2 sketches and I showed people my ideas and asked what they liked and didn??™t like so I could make adjustments. 8. Make : I then plan to start building the stadium having the idea that I want in my head and hopefully it being successful. 9. Service : My Final Step will be showing it off the final product will be a design model of the stadium .There are many similarities with my Design Process and the Innovation Cycle but there are some things which I??™m not including :From the Innovation Cycle I wont be including :*Sell- I wont really need to sell the stadium because im only making a model stadium so I don??™t really need to sell this to anybody unless I fully plan on building it .2 . The Importance of Intellectual PropertyWhat is Intellectual Property : According to the Australian Government website???Copyright is part of an area of law known as intellectual property. Intellectual property law protects the property rights in creative and inventive endeavours and gives creators and inventors certain exclusive economic rights, generally for a limited time, to deal with their creative works or inventions. This legal protection is designed as a reward to creators to encourage further intellectual creativity and innovation, as well as enabling access by the community to the products of intellectual property.???Having Intellectual Property means that if you design something that you have Copyright laws that in case someone designed something which you already have made then having this protects you and your product. Its very important that you have this to protect your designs incase somebody tries to take your idea and profits, having this protects you by copyright laws.Through time there have been many examples of Intellectual Property resulting from Entrepreneurial activity 3 cases where it has and has not been used are:* A pop singer Katy Perry sues Australian Fashion Designer Katie Perry over a trademark protection because they have the same name requesting that the name be removed of all products . * Writer Richard Fronduto filed a case against Disney??™s Television show ??? Hannah Montana ??? claimed that he was the one who inspired the show from one of his scripts for a show called ??? The Secret life of Sindi??? , Fronduto is suing for damages as well as ???Created by??? credit for all future publications of ???Hannah Montana???. ??? The Hurt Locker Producers have teamed up with have teamed up with anti-piracy firm the US Copyright Group to sue thousands of people who allegedly stole the film, The Washington-based US Copyright Group is owned by intellectual property lawyers. 3. .Justify why Dynamic Lifter can be classified as an innovation
Innovation is coming up with new ideas and open up new ways of using existing products, Innovation occurs when someone comes up with a new approach that changes how the product works. The Impact on which innovation has on existing products is it can make the product better and more modern to today??™s world, Also when designing a new product you could use other ideas and make them all combined to one, so the dynamic lifter already have their been many products of garden fertilisers the maker of the product Norm Jennings took the idea and improved on existing ideas and made the Dynamic lifter which is why that can be classified as a innovation.4. Outline the entrepreneurial activity that Norm Jennings went through to ensure that Dynamic Lifter was a success.There are 9 elements which are key to a successful innovation and this is how Norm Jennings produced his product :Idea:
In 1969 Norm Jennings noticed that the best of the local oat crops , grown with chemical fertilisers were not nearly as productive as the small oat crops grown by poultry farmers using dried chicken manure as fertiliser. Jennings Realised then that the vast piles of chicken droppings manure as fertiliser.Resource:
He used his own time , money and facilities to experiment and find solutions to these problems , he devised machinery to make and install a system that kept the chicken droppings dry.Research:
After many experiments with methods and machinery to process and pelletise the dry droppings from his poultry farm Jennings conducted trials , Farmers were asked to take part in the experiment and then compare the results with crops produced by using chemical fertilisers.Patent:
The Jennings registered the name Dynamic Lifter and then formed the private company Dynamic Lifter Pty Ltd in 1972. The Jennings Family decided to continue to improve and simplify the manufacturing machinery but not patent or publish these improvements so they keep secret the process.Design:
In 1980??™s and 1990??™s the company introduced many variations to the standard pellet to provide fertilisers for different soil types and different plants, In 1986 Ground Cover Pty Ltd packaged and distributed Dynamic Lifter Pellets and granules to home gardeners through supermarkets and nurseries.Develop:
Once the steady supply of poultry manure its very important for the production of the Dynamic Lifter , the firm negotiated agreements with poultry farmers to buy the droppings from farms in the regions around each of the factories.Make:
As there wasn??™t enough to supply for the growing demand who wanted fertiliser , the company built a larger factory in Alabama in 1984 and then followed by Australian States and other cities .Sell:
In the Beginning the product was sold by word of mouth , then in the 1980??™s they had began to be advertised in trade magazines , newspapers , radio and tv ,Service:
One of the key aspects of the services provided to Dynamic Lifters commercial users is the range of Brochures published explaining the correct method of application and optimum amounts of fertilisers required for different crops and conditions.5. Critically analyse each of the following influences what they could impact on the success of the Dynamic LifterTiming :
Timing is a fair crucial key to the success of a product because you have to spend the right amount of time on the product and giving it the proper care it needs so that it can become a successful product , also timing for when its released like if you had it released at a really hard time for the world say due to economic reasons then no one would purchase the product.Available and emerging technologies :
It is important that when you are making your product you are not copying someone else??™s idea you are doing something different for example with the Dynamic lifter because there were so many other fertiliser equipment out there Norm Jennings had to be careful not to copy what other people had done so he had to stay clear and with emerging technologies their could be an idea coming that??™s pretty close to yours which is why again also timing is important , and the competition would be tough.Cultural :
Australia is a multicultural nation and the various ethnic groups within it have influences what is designed and produced . The Impact of Multiculturalism on all Australians may be demonstrated by the availability of a wide variety of foods from various cultures.Political :
Laws , government agents and pressure group influence trends in designing and producing., their have been laws developed and produced to protect buissness from each other and to protect customers.Economic :
consists of factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending , Designers need to consider buying power as well as the people they are designing for, Total Buying Power depends on current income , prices , savings and credit which can also be affected by the state of the economy and the publics confidence in it.Legal Factors :
When designing there must you must not break regulations by the law . If the design doesnt add up with regulations it must be rearanged and this may delay the workMarketing :
When Marketing the product you have to be careful with what you are selling and how you are promoting it so its very important that the way its marketed is effective and right for the product, and the key target audience is seeing that you want your product to sell to. Innovation: ISYS softwareWhat is it: The ISYS Desktop Spider is a product of Odysseys that searches the Internet for Information relevant to a business and the incorporates it into the local ISYS I Index.Who Is the Designer
Ian DaviesWhen was it Developed
[pic]7. Why the product can be classified as an innovationBecause a quote from the Australia Power House Museum Site says : ???He was inspired by the requests of clients to develop text retrieval software that was powerful but easy to use. All other software available was either too hard to use, or not powerful enough for large searches.???So there was other software out there that could do the same thing but it was either to hard to use or not powerful enough for large searches , which is why its classified as an innovation because there was already a product similar to his out their but he improved on it and made it easier to use. 8. Critically analyse the impact of the selected innovation on :The Environment :Australian Society : The Impact it had on the Australian Society was good , people were interested in the product because it was powerful and easy to handle unlike other products and much better to use, the company was going well on the Australian Society so Ian went to America to try and sell it their but because they couldn??™t afford a Distributor it didn??™t sell. All the product and development by Odyssey was done in Australia and then it became expanded , By the end of the Century Odyssey had Approximately 9000 registered customers in Australia and the USA.BibliographyInternet : :http://www.powerhousemuseum.com :

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